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What does Air Combat Zone do?
We have four F-18 fighter jet combat flight simulators that anyone can fly for an unforgettable entertainment experience. You can book missions from 1-4 people online and we also offer group events for 5 to 16 people or more. Missions start with 30 minutes of training and then depending on the mission booked, the remainder of your time is spent in the simulators where you can dog-fight with the other pilots. Mission in the simulator are 30, 60 or 90 minutes long make the full mission 1, 1.5 or 2 hours long with the training.

How do I get to your location?
We have moved and are now located at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum at the Hamilton International airport. The full address is 9280 Airport Road, Mount Hope, ON, L0R 1W0. To get to the museum take HWY 403 to HWY 6 South and follow the signs to the Hamilton Airport. When you stop at Airport Road just before entering the airport, turn right onto Airport Road and left into the next parking lot entrance which is for the museum.

Do I have to do the training if I've already been there?
The training is complimentary to your mission. Your time in the simulator determines the price of your mission. If all the pilots booked for a mission want to skip the training and the simulators are available (training usually overlaps with others flying the simulators) you can head straight into the simulators. If someone else is booked on your mission that is doing the training, you'll need to wait till the training is over to start your mission in the simulators.

Does my Gift Certificate expire?
All certificates for missions at Air Combat Zone, whether issues by us or a third party, have an expiry date. Please see the certificate or voucher for details on its specific expiration and please contact us with any questions.

How long before my mission start time should I arrive at air Combat Zone?
We suggest arriving a minimum of 5 minutes before your mission. This will allow you to sign in (a Release of Liability Form must be completed by all pilots), and also provide an opportunity to enjoy our ready room displays, play some foosball or view some of our "straight from the cockpit" video footage.

Can I take pictures or videos?
Yes, and we always appreciate it if you upload your shots and comments to our Facebook page. You can also purchase a framed photo keepsake photo of you in the cockpit with a picture of the F-18 below it.

Can my friend(s)/family watch while I do my mission?
Yes, one or two guests is fine but please note they will be required to pay their museum admision on arrival at the museum. If younger children are coming, please have an adult there to supervise them.

Are there any size restrictions for fly the simulators?
Although we do not restrict anyone from coming, if pilots are too short (shorter than 4'10") they may have issues seeing over the instrument panel potentially restricting their fun. Being tall is not a issue as there is unrestricted height above the cockpit and plenty of leg room. A pilots girth can affect their comfort in the cockpit. Our simulators are dimensionally accurate & the joystick is located between the pilots legs. Larger pilots may have trouble getting in and out of the cockpit and find them restrictive and uncomfortable. If you have doubts about whether a pilot will enjoy their mission due to their size we welcome you to call first to discuss the situation.

What is your cancellation policy?
Missions can be canceled and re-booked up to 3 days prior to the mission with no restrictions using the online mission booking system or by contacting flight operations by phone, voice mail or email. Within 3 days before a mission, your payment option will be processed and cancellations are not accepted. In the case that you are unable to attend the mission and have contacted us (by phone, email or voice mail message) prior to our opening on the day of your mission, your mission can be re-booked with a credit of 50% of the original mission value applied. Optionally, you may arrange for someone else to fly the mission as booked. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

What age do you recommend for "pilots" at Air Combat Zone?
Given the realism of our simulators and the training we provide to enjoy the experience of flying them, the majority of our customers are adults. However we recommend 10 years old as the youngest age to fly the simulators. In our experience 10 year old's are typically mature enough to pick up the training and tall enough to see over the instrument panel of the simulator. We have had younger pilots fly with us but we highly recommend calling us before making any reservations for anyone younger than 10 to ensure they have a great experience flying with us.

Do the simulators move?
Just like the simulators the air force use to train fighter pilots our simulators are stationary. A motion base makes sense with an airline simulator because with some luck the plane won't end up upside down. Flying air combat missions in a fighter jet flight simulator the plane will be doing complete rolls and loops and a motion base that could replicate these actions and the associated G forces is impractical.

How many simulators do you have?
We have 4 full cockpit F-18 Hornet fighter jet flight air combat flight simulators that enable us to run missions for 1 person up to groups of 16 or more.


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